Sample Letter: Letter of Complaint

There are currently more than 113 million people renting apartments or homes in the U.S. – almost 34 percent of the population. That’s a lot of people living in spaces where they aren’t necessarily required to address every issue that arises themselves.

Problems will come up, and when they do, you expect your landlord or management company to take care of them. But how do you tell them what’s going on in a way that gets results?

Why your neighbor might be bothering you

There’s always the potential for issues to arise when living in an apartment building with other tenants. Each resident has their own style of living, their own habits, and they might not all mesh with yours.

While you can’t expect everyone to live life the same way you do, you can require those around you to act respectfully. As a result, you may encounter certain situations, like these, which you might not be able to reconcile on your own.


Loud neighbors can often complicate your peaceful evening at home or interrupt that movie you’re watching as their booming base seeps through your walls. Common noise complaints can come from music, the television, a barking dog and of course, that wild party that just won’t quit.

Oftentimes, tenants aren’t aware they’re being too noisy, so it’s a good idea to alert them to the issue before you write a formal complaint. If that doesn’t help, or the noise goes on late into the night, it’s time to take more serious action and let your landlord know what’s going on.

Inconsiderate behavior

Anything your neighbor does that affects your space or the common areas that demonstrates a lack of consideration for others fits into this category. Leaving trash outside in the hall, dropping empty cans onto your balcony from above, taking up half of your parking space with their oversized car – these are all behaviors that don’t demonstrate care for the comfort of others.

Again, they may not realize what they’re doing, so it’s a good idea to bring it to their attention. They also may just be inconsiderate people, which is why a landlord can step in to help.

Questionable odors

What people do in their own apartment is their own business until the smell of it invades your unit. When offensive odors begin to drift through the walls, it’s time to take action. Realistically, this could be a one-time offense, where a neighbor burned dinner and you get stuck with the smell.

But if it’s something reoccurring, like odors from trash, pets, or even illegal substances, a letter of complaint will help notify your landlord to take action.

Put it in writing

Alerting management to an issue with your neighbors through a formal, written letter automatically gives you proof you’ve tried to handle the problem. Should the issue escalate, you can show you took every action possible because you’ll have a paper trail to prove it.

In order to submit a complaint letter that will get results, make sure you’re clear about the issue and your expectations. Detail the problem, how it’s affecting you and what steps you think can resolve it. Make sure to put in a reasonable deadline for action, as well. And don’t forget to follow up at least once, but often is better.

To further guarantee your complaint gets the attention it deserves, make sure you’re in good standing with your landlord. If you’re not up-to-date on your rent, send in that rent check. Additionally, double-check your lease to ensure the issue you’re filing a complaint about is actually management’s responsibility.

Your sample letter

We’ve taken the time to put together a sample letter for a letter of complaint that you can download here. Fill in the information for sections in parentheses ( ).

Download Word doc of sample letter

Download PDF of sample letter

(Your Name)
(Current Address of Your Apartment, Unit #)
(City, State, Zip Code)


(Landlord or Apartment Company’s Name)
(Address as Printed on Your Lease)
(City, State, Zip Code)

Re: (Short statement of the issue, such as Noise Complaint; Trash in the Hallway; etc.)

Dear (Name of landlord or manager),

I’m writing to formally request your help in dealing with an issue that (has arisen/has been ongoing) with my neighbors in (neighbor’s apartment number). To date, the following actions have been taken:

  • (Create a bulleted list, in chronological order, that lists actions taken so far including whether you’ve already contacted your neighbors or landlord/apartment company and what you may have done to address the issue.)

These previous attempts to resolve the problem have been unsuccessful, and this issue is directly affecting me by (state the impact this situation is having on you). To resolve this issue, I’d like you to get in touch with (neighbor’s name/the residents of unit XX) and facilitate a resolution.

I’m hoping we can resolve this issue on or before (set a specific date that’s reasonable, maybe a week out).

Should you need to reach me to discuss this further, please (call/email) at (insert phone or email based on preference for communication). I appreciate your attention to this issue.


(Your Name and Signature)
(Apartment Number)
(Phone Number or Email Address)

If your complaint isn’t addressed

What do you do if nothing happens after you’ve submitted your formal complaint letter and regularly followed-up? There are other options to consider if your landlord or apartment company isn’t responding.

  • Report the problem to the local tenant’s association, if there is one
  • Consult with an attorney

Make sure you let your landlord know you’re prepared to take these alternative steps, just be polite when you communicate.

Going through this easy process to report a neighbor complaint to your landlord or management company can help move you to a quick resolution of your issue.



Picking the Best Air Conditioner for Your Apartment

Looking to cool down your apartment? With spring and summer approaching soon, it’s important to start thinking about how to prepare for those hotter months and stay cool. While many apartments come with built-in air conditioning (AC) units, many do not. So what are your options for cooling down your space? In this article, we’ll go into detail about how to decide what is the best air conditioner for your apartment.

How do air conditioners work to keep your apartment cool?

Air conditioners have been around for a very long time, in fact, the first air conditioning system was developed in 1902.The basics of how air conditioners work are similar to how a fridge works. Air conditioners use an internal refrigerating system to take in hot air and cool it. The hot air, absorbed by the AC unit through various coils and systems, turns into a gas. From there, the unit converts it back into a liquid.

Next, the hot air pushes out the back through vents or a window and the cool air pushes into your apartment. The website puts it very simply: “Think of it as an endless, elegant cycle: liquid refrigerant, phase conversion to a gas/heat absorption, compression and phase transition back to a liquid again.”

air conditioningair conditioning

Important things to understand when selecting your AC unit

There are a couple of other things to consider when picking which type of AC unit to use for your apartment. You’ll want to consider things such as cooling capacity, BTUs, energy efficiency and costs.


BTU or British thermal units is the amount of energy it takes to heat or cool one pound of water. For air conditioners specifically, the BTU refers to the amount of heat your unit can remove in an hour. Some units take more than others. For instance, a window unit takes anywhere from 3,000 to 25,000 BTUs, whereas a portable system can use anywhere from 8,000 to 12,000 BTUs. Make sure to take the time to research this before deciding on which unit is best for you. Learn Metrics has created a more in-depth chart for understanding different BTUs for different sized apartments.

Cooling capacity

When picking out your AC unit keep in mind its cooling capacity. The size of the area you want to cool will greatly impact your choice. Different units cool different area sizes. Take portable units for example — these are usually only able to cool the area they sit in. Window units on the other hand are a better option if you are looking to cool down an entire apartment.

Energy costs

The cost that it takes to run an AC unit is something else to consider. The price can greatly change depending on how big your unit is and how big of an area you’re trying to cool. On average it can cost anywhere from $14.40 per month to $211.20 to run different types of AC units.

Best air conditioner options for your apartment

Now you know how air conditioners work, how do you know which type is right for your apartment? Here are a couple of different options that you can choose from.

1. Portable air conditioner

Portable units are one option when looking for an AC unit. They come in various sizes and work in many different rooms. Often referred to as “portable swamp coolers” or “evaporated cooling” these two systems work similarly to other AC units but primarily rely on water. Another difference is their setup. For instance, some require their own voltage plug and most require you the ability to vent the hot air out of a window.

Another great question to ask when thinking about portable units is, “Can you use a portable air conditioner in an apartment?” The answer depends on your apartment complex and its rules. In certain apartments they are not allowed, so make sure to check with your apartment before you invest in one. Here are some pros and cons of portable AC units.


  • Move room-to-room
  • Cost-efficient
  • Come in various sizes
  • Great if you have a strict HOA or landlord and can’t install a window unit


  • Sometimes are less energy efficient
  • Can be noisy

AC unit in a window against a brick wall AC unit in a window against a brick wall

2. Window units

Window units are very popular throughout Europe and make another great option for your apartment AC unit. Set in a window, they function much like other AC units and are capable of cooling medium-sized spaces. Here are some of their pros and cons.


  • Easy to install
  • Inexpensive
  • Come in various sizes to fit your windows
  • Can come with a heating system


  • Not portable and stay in the window you place them in
  • Not energy efficient

3. Wall-mounted

Wall-mounted units are a great option for people who are living in older buildings that tend to get very hot during summer. Here are the pros and cons of these AC units.


  • Easy to install
  • Don’t take up a window or block the view
  • Energy efficient


  • Don’t cool the whole space
  • Must be cleaned and maintained regularly

Happy woman holding a remote under an air conditioning unit Happy woman holding a remote under an air conditioning unit

4. Personal AC unit

Personal AC units are great for cooling down a single person in a smaller space. They are typically very small — meant for bed stands or desks and are not meant to cool the entire space down. These typically only need a plug and water, however, they do not cool as well as bigger units. Here are their pros and cons.


  • Great for personal use
  • Move from room-to-room
  • Easy to use and install


  • Not energy efficient
  • Need cleaning after each use to avoid germ growth

Man with his face in front of a fan Man with his face in front of a fan

How to keep your apartment cool without an AC unit

If none of these options work for you, there are other ways to keep yourself cool this summer. Here is a list of other options to consider:

  • Installing fans
  • Purchasing dark blinds to block the sun
  • Putting cooling sheets on your bed
  • Switching out your light bulbs to ones that produce less heat
  • Opening your windows at night
  • Cooking outside

Stay cool as a cucumber

While the summer heat is great for outdoor activities and vacations, it’s not so great for your apartment. Keeping your place cool throughout these hot months is essential. There is nothing worse than being uncomfortable in your own living space. The good news is there are many different options to consider when thinking about the best air conditioner for your apartment.



The 25 Most Popular Apartments in Seattle

The Emerald city has been on the cutting edge of IT for the past 30 years and some of the country’s biggest names have chosen Seattle as home. The arts have followed close on the heels of this technology boom, making Seattle a hub for some of the best galleries and shops in the country and attractive to locals and transplants alike.

But with so many vibrant neighborhoods, finding the best area to live in can be a tough decision. We’re here to help. We’ve rounded up the 25 most popular apartments in Seattle based on internet searches for you to choose from.

25. Tod Apartments

Tod ApartmentsTod Apartments

Tod Apartments feature furnished studio spaces steps from the Capitol Hill Light Rail Station. Residents can enjoy jogging or relaxing at the nearby Cal Anderson Park or can take a stroll to the Jimi Hendrix Statue.

Seattle Central College is also blocks away, making Tod Apartments an attractive spot for students.

24. The Perry

The PerryThe Perry

The Perry overlooks the tree-lined First Hill neighborhood. Its studios to two-bedroom apartments each include quartz countertops, an in-unit washer and dryer and smart home features. Plus, residents can enjoy breathtaking views from its rooftop longing area.

There’s also no shortage of entertainment and dining options, as plenty of bars and restaurants are within walking distance. For commuters, I-5 is only four blocks away.

23. Helios


Helios is a 40-story skyscraper in downtown Seattle that features studios to two-bedroom spaces. Each unit comes with skyline views, a washer and dryer, a balcony and stainless steel appliances.

Helios offers a theater room, yoga room and three rooftop lounges. Four-legged friends also get a pet wash facility, dog lounge and outdoor dog running area. But residents and their pets alike have ample opportunity to walk to pretty much anything nearby.

Pike Place Market is two blocks away. The Seattle Aquarium, Westlake Park and Seattle Great Wheel are also a short walk away.

22. Broadstone Sky

Broadstone SkyBroadstone Sky

Broadstone Sky is located in West Seattle with the beaches of Puget Sound minutes away and The Junction nearby. Residents can choose a loft, one- or two-bedroom unit in 20 different floor plans complete with a fully equipped kitchen, dual-pane windows and a washer and dryer.

There’s a fitness center, rooftop deck and courtyard, plus shuttle service to and from The Junction to Alki Beach. Residents can also walk to the nearby eclectic shop and The Junction’s weekend farmer’s market or hop on a West Seattle Water Taxi to get to the city’s center.

21. Green Lake Village

Green Lake VillageGreen Lake Village

Green Lake Village provides residents one- and two-bedroom apartments with luxe, modern amenities, including stainless steel appliances, large windows, a patio and an in-unit washer and dryer.

The community is situated between I-5 and Green Lake, so residents have the best of both worlds: access to downtown and the relaxing East Green Lake Beach nearby.

20. Westlake Step & Marina SLU

Green Lake VillageGreen Lake Village

Located on the Queen Anne side of Lake Union, Westlake Steps & Marina SLU serves as a colorful backdrop to waterfront views. Residents can choose between one- and two-bedroom apartments complete with an island kitchen and large closets.

The building also has a fitness center and rooftop activities area. But, those who live here will have plenty to see and do with Lake Union Park, which host festivals, fireworks shows and boating events, at their doorsteps.

19. Eastlake 2851

Eastlake 2851Eastlake 2851

Eastlake 2851 features studios to two-bedroom apartment homes on Seattle’s Lake Union. The waterfront views and quick access to downtown, UW and Amazon’s headquarters make this spot an attractive place to call home.

Residents can enjoy the fitness center or access the nearby trails along the lake. This community is also close to I-5 so getting to other parts of town is a short drive away.

18. 111 East Olive

111 East Olive111 East Olive

111 East Olive offers open-concept studios to two-bedroom spaces with oversized closets, hardwood floors and in-unit washer/dryers. Pets are also welcome at this community.

It’s across from Cal Anderson Park and close to Seattle University, as well as walking distance to dining and entertainment options. The building is also just blocks away from the Broadway and East Pine Street LINK light rail station.

17. North Park Villa Apartments

North Park Villa ApartmentsNorth Park Villa Apartments

North Park Villa Apartments feature newly constructed one-bedroom units north of downtown and across the street from a greenbelt where you can relax and get some air.

Located in the up-and-coming Aurora Village area, North Park Villa offers eight floor plans to choose from and have an open, airy feel in the midst of this bustling area of town.

16. Cambridge Park Villa Apartments

Cambridge Park Villa ApartmentsCambridge Park Villa Apartments

Gorgeous grounds and a meticulously groomed landscape greet you at the Cambridge Park Villa apartments. This pet-friendly property is near I-405 just blocks from Westfield Mall, restaurants and entertainment.

The one-, two- and three-bedroom units feature modern appliances. Residents can also enjoy an indoor pool and gym.

15. CityLine Apartments

CityLine ApartmentsCityLine Apartments

CityLine Apartments offers studio through three-bedroom apartments in plenty of different floor plans in Columbia City. Each unit features new appliances, an in-unit washer/dryer and open-concept areas.

The pet-friendly community also features a dog-walking service, a rooftop gathering area, Bocci Ball and a bowling alley. The area itself is filled with local bakeries, coffee houses and artisanal shops. The complex is just off Martin Luther King, Jr. Way so ample shopping and dining are a short distance away.

14. The Kennedy Building

The Kennedy BuildingThe Kennedy Building

Just steps from the University of Washington (UW) Campus, you’ll love the eclectic feel of the UW neighborhood, as shops, bars and restaurants surround this property.

The Kennedy Building offers studio to two-bedroom spaces complete with a private deck. Residents can also enjoy a rooftop grilling area, views of downtown, a built-in fire pit area and 24-hour fitness center and 24-hour cyber café.

13. Thornton Place

Thornton PlaceThornton Place

Thornton Place is located in the Northgate neighborhood along the I-5. Residents can choose from studio to two-bedroom units that include open floor plans and 20-foot ceilings. This building also has a controlled entrance and an easy access 24-hour fitness center.

Plus, this supremely convenient location gives anyone access to shopping and entertainment just a walk away. The community is even close to the Northgate Transit Center, making the commute to downtown a breeze.

12. The Station at Othello Place

The Station at Othello PlaceThe Station at Othello Place

The Station at Othello Place features modern studio, one- and two-bedroom apartment homes with hardwood floors, stainless steel appliances and an in-unit washer/dryer.

Located in the Othello neighborhood, this up-and-coming area is surrounded by shopping and restaurants. Additionally, the light rail (of the same name) is right outside the front door, so it’s easy to explore the rest of Seattle, including a trip to the nearby King Country International Airport.

11. The AJ

AJ ApartmentsAJ Apartments

The AJ offers West Seattle living at its finest. These spacious studios through two-bedroom floor plans feature high ceilings, hardwood floors and private patios.

This gated community is just minutes from downtown and walking distance from West Seattle Bowl and Junction Plaza Park.

10. Malloy Apartments

AJ ApartmentsAJ Apartments

Minutes from the University of Washington campus, the Malloy Apartments offers studio and one-bedroom homes ideal for students. The new interiors feature high ceilings and oversized walk-in-closets, plus 24-hour on-site staff to help with all needs.

Residents can step out their front door and enjoy the trendy shops, coffeehouses and plenty of dining and entertainment up and down 15th Avenue.

9. The Enclave

The EnclaveThe Enclave

The Enclave in smack in the middle of the urban Northgate neighborhood. Residents can choose from studio to two-bedroom spaces with stainless steel appliances, gourmet kitchens and oversized closets.

The pet-friendly building also offers a fitness center and shuttle service to UW. It’s even close to I-5, so getting around is a breeze.

8. 101 John Apartments

101 John Apartments101 John Apartments

Seated in the desirable lower Queen Anne neighborhood, 101 John Apartments features 20 studios to two-bedroom luxury apartment homes near some of Seattle’s most tantalizing attractions.

It’s across the street from the Seattle Center, that includes grassy spaces, fountains, restaurants, sports arena, two museums, four theaters and the McCaw Opera House. It’s also near the Seattle Waterfront. The spaces include stainless steel appliances and in-unit washer and dryer.

7. Harbor Steps

Harbor StepsHarbor Steps

Harbor Steps offers access to pretty much everything with its prime downtown location. The modern building features luxury studios to three-bedroom spaces, including penthouses, in more than 20 floor plans.

Residents have access to stunning waterfront views, three fitness centers, a basketball court and an indoor pool. The Seattle Art Museum is across the street and famous Pike Place Market is two blocks away.

6. Chroma SLU

Chroma SLUChroma SLU

A unique sense of style meets one of downtown’s most desirable locations. Chroma SLU offers a pop of color in an otherwise traditional neighborhood.

Located in South Lake Union, these one- and two-bedroom spaces include hardwood floors, large closets and a washer and dryer. Chroma SLU is next to Cascade Park, which has playgrounds and ample green space. It’s also close to I-5 and a short drive from the waterfront.

5. Juxt


Juxt is all about creating that sense of community in the South Lake Union neighborhood. The community offers studios to three-bedrooms surrounded by best-in-class shops and restaurants.

Residents can enjoy a private balcony or the community media center and grilling areas. Lake Union Park is a few blocks away and the N Westlake Ave. and Mercer Street Light Rail station is a short walk away.

4. UDistrict Square Apartments

U-District Square ApartmentsU-District Square Apartments

Originally built in 1923 as a 5-star resort, UDistrict Square Apartments is a seven-story building in the heart of the University District and two blocks from the University of Washington.

The studios to three-bedroom apartments are ideal for students and professionals alike and feature many different floor plan options in two separate buildings. The area also offers access to eclectic, one-of-a-kind shops and restaurants.

3. Brooklyn 65

The Brooklyn 65The Brooklyn 65

Brooklyn 65 sits in the heart of the sought-after Roosevelt neighborhood, steps from beloved Green Lake Park. This trendy and quiet area of Seattle is perfect for singles or couples looking for studio spaces.

The units include above-standard ceiling heights, spa-like bathrooms, built-in wall beds and barn-door style room separators. And, short-term leases are available. Locals can also enjoy artisan shops and cafes, top-notch restaurants and the nearby Cowen and Ravenna Parks.

2. The Blake Apartments

The Blake ApartmentsThe Blake Apartments

The Blake Apartments sit in a beautiful south Seattle neighborhood offering stunning views of the Olympic Mountain, Puget Sound and Blake Island.

Resident can choose from a studio to a two-bedroom unit that includes vaulted ceilings, island kitchens and private balconies. The area is also extremely walkable, so everything you need is a quick jaunt away.

1. Westview Apartment Homes

Westview Apartment HomesWestview Apartment Homes

Westview Apartment Homes is located in Beacon Hill and provides views of Olympic Mountain, Puget Sound and downtown Seattle. Its studios to two-bedroom apartment homes are a part of classic Seattle construction, built in the early 1900s.

Amenities include large windows, hardwood-style flooring and a claw foot tub. The pet-friendly community is also close to I-5 and just two blocks away from the Beacon Hill station, so getting around town shouldn’t be a hassle.


We looked at all organic entrances from April 2018 to April 2019 to rental property inventory listed on to determine which properties with a Seattle mailing address are most searched by people on the internet. The information included in this article is used for illustrative purposes only. The data contained herein do not constitute financial advice, availability or a pricing guarantee for any apartment.



The 25 Most Popular Apartments in Austin

Austin spent more than a decade as the fastest-growing city in America. And, for good reason. Great food, weather and a booming job market make this city a great place to live. However, selecting the perfect apartment requires knowledge of neighborhoods, amenities, nearby schools and more.

This process can be tricky, so we’re here to help. We’ve taken all the guesswork out of apartment hunting with this quick guide to the most popular apartments in Austin based on internet searches.

25. The Catherine

The CatherineThe Catherine

The Catherine offers exclusive, luxury living in one of the most desirable high-rise locations in Austin. It’s one block from Lady Bird Lake with immediate access to South Congress Street and the Second Street District.

Residents can enjoy studios, one-, two- and three-bedrooms, as well as penthouse residences. This is a place for deep indulgence in a boutique, hotel-inspired location.

24. Bridge at Southpoint

Bridge at SouthpointBridge at Southpoint

Bridge at Southpoint offers studio, one- and two-bedroom apartments designed to offer style and convenience minutes from downtown Austin.

With on-site laundry facilities, a swimming pool and a business center, everything a resident needs is available. This community is also pet-friendly, but check the pet policy before you move in.

23. Post South Lamar

Post South LamarPost South Lamar

Post South Lamar is a contemporary apartment community conveniently located within walking distance of Barton Springs and the Bouldin neighborhood. It has the perfect blend of convenience and quality and features an on-site gym, swimming pool, grilling areas and a rooftop deck offering fantastic downtown views.

Residents can choose between studio, one- and two-bedroom units and enjoy the benefits of a generous pet policy.

22. River Ranch

River RanchRiver Ranch

River Ranch offers affordable country living with city amenities. These family-friendly units offer either two or three bedrooms, and the community features both a playscape and a full-size basketball court.

Residents can enjoy living in a location equidistant from Walnut Creek Park and North East Metropolitan Park, which includes a large skate park. This location was selected for its easy access to schools, shopping and cultural resources, with plenty to do on-site, as well.

21. Solaris


Located in the East Riverside District, Solaris is an urban apartment community located just minutes from downtown Austin. This location offers many different floor plans with newly-renovated studios to four-bedrooms spaces.

Residents can also enjoy entertainment and eateries within walking distance and easy access to the picturesque Ladybird Lake.

20. The Oaks on Lamar

The Oaks on LamarThe Oaks on Lamar

Located just off 183, The Oaks on Lamar is a multi-family, affordable housing community offering one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments.

Austin Community College is just a few miles away, and the location is adjacent to the Capital Metro North Lamar Transit Center, which makes commuting to anywhere in Austin easy and convenient.

19. The Hudson on Lake Travis

The Hudson on Lake TravisThe Hudson on Lake Travis

The Hudson on Lake Travis is a new boutique community offering waterfront apartments and its own private marina close to the Lakeway neighborhood.

Residents can choose from seven different sleek, modern floor plans that range from studio to two bedrooms, as well as relax at the pool sundeck and enjoy grill areas overlooking the lake.

The secluded lakeside setting also offers privacy and play with limited covered boat slips and oversized garages for boats and motorized lake toys.

18. San Paloma

San PalomaSan Paloma

San Paloma is an apartment community located in north Austin that offers residents a unique combination of comfort and luxury with all the amenities of Tech Ridge, including a movie theater and driving range minutes away.

Residents enjoy the lush landscaping, beautiful swimming pools, one-, two- and three-bedroom units and state-of-the-art fitness center. Many different leasing options are available.

17. The Guthrie

The GuthrieThe Guthrie

The Guthrie is a modern, urban apartment community located in the heart of the eclectic Govalle neighborhood in East Austin. Style meets convenience in this boutique-style development featuring a pool and clubhouse.

Nightlife and nature are both readily accessible from this location offering studio, one- and two-bedroom apartments.

16. Riata


Located in a quiet corner of north Austin, Riata is a haven for sports and outdoors enthusiasts in a luxurious setting less than 10 minutes from Austin Aquarium.

This sprawling community offers numerous spas, swimming pools and athletic courts, as well as miles of trails and lush greenbelts. Riata’s studio, one-, two- and three-bedroom units are packed with high-end features like marble countertops, stainless steel appliances and walk-in closets.

Residents can also skip morning traffic since Riata is walking distance of employers like Apple and Oracle/Netsuite.

15. Residences at The Domain

Residences at The DomainResidences at The Domain

Residences at The Domain offers one-, two- and three-bedroom floor plans. Located just off the MoPac Expressway and Highway 183, the location offers easy access to the tech sector.

Upscale apartments are a stone’s throw away from boutique shops and eateries and feature large closets and gourmet kitchens. This community was designed for luxury and convenience and offers a fitness center and sparkling pool.

14. Asher


Located in south Austin just off I-35, Asher is a modern apartment community that offers affordable, freshly-renovated one-, two- and three-bedroom floor plans.

Just minutes from Mary Moore Searight Park and the Southpark Meadows music venue, this community also features swimming pools, a well-equipped fitness center and more than 50 acres of community grounds to enjoy. With a generous pet policy and no breed restrictions, this is a big dog’s dream come true.

13. Lamar Union

Lamar UnionLamar Union

Lamar Union is a hip, modern apartment community with walking access to some of the most renowned hotspots in Austin. The Bouldin neighborhood and Zilker Park are mere minutes away.

Residents enjoy spacious studios and one- and two-bedroom apartments with beautiful, high-end finishes and state-of-the-art amenities just minutes from downtown.

12. Gables Park Plaza

Gables Park PlazaGables Park Plaza

Conveniently located just steps away from Zilker, Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods Market, Gables Park Plaza is a downtown Austin apartment community that puts everything you need at your doorstep.

Each spacious one- and two-bedroom apartment home is equipped with luxurious, modern finishes, a stunning view of downtown Austin and access to a variety of amenities.

11. Chevy Chase Downs

Chevy Chase DownsChevy Chase Downs

Chevy Chase Downs is an apartment community located just minutes from downtown Austin in the East Riverside District. Each one- and two-bedroom apartment offers comfort and convenience at an unbeatable price.

Residents of this community enjoy access to its pool, hot tub, fitness center and laundry facility, as well as proximity to entertainment, shopping and schools.

10. 10x Grandview Living

Gables GrandviewGables Grandview

10x Grandview Living blends green-certified, pet-friendly living with sophisticated style. Featuring high ceilings and incredible Hill Country views, this west Austin location is convenient to highways 2222 and 360.

The community offers one-, two- and three-bedroom homes with backyards, hardwood floors and island kitchens. An on-site maintenance team is always available for repairs.

9. The Palms on Lamar

The Palms on LamarThe Palms on Lamar

The Palms on Lamar is located just off of I-35 and north of Highway 183, giving easy access to all of the major tech employers. Offering studios and one- and two-bedroom units, this community seamlessly blends comfort and affordability against the backdrop of a lush, mature landscape.

Residents can use the swimming pool, fitness center and laundry facility as they please and enjoy close proximity to excellent Asian markets and restaurants.

8. Bridge Hollow

Bridge HollowBridge Hollow

Conveniently located in the East Riverside District mere minutes from downtown Austin, Bridge Hollow is a charming, historic apartment community. Offering everything from studios to four-bedroom floor plans, this location is both convenient and economical.

Residents enjoy the community swimming pool, laundry facility and a campus shuttle that makes getting to the University of Texas (UT) campus effortless.

7. River Oaks

River OaksRiver Oaks

River Oaks is an apartment community offering affordable and spacious one- and two-bedroom floor plans within walking distance to UT.

Conveniently located within minutes of the Rosewood neighborhood, this community features a pool, a laundry facility and a BBQ picnic area. It also has great access to public transportation and within minutes to campus or downtown.

6. Infinity Residences at the Triangle

Infinity Residences at the TriangleInfinity Residences at the Triangle

Located in the heart of Austin, Infinity Residences at the Triangle is a modern, mixed-use community that seamlessly combines comfort, convenience and luxury. Residents enjoy the many restaurants and services right outside their doors, including live music, shows at Hyde Park Theater and a weekly farmers market.

This community’s spacious studios and one-, two- and three-bedroom units feature upscale touches with unmatched access to walkable central Austin.

5. Estancia Villas

Estancia VillasEstancia Villas

Estancia Villas offers residents spacious studios, one-, two- and three-bedroom homes equipped with luxe finishes and amenities just south of Onion Creek.

The community is off the I-35 in the middle of trails and nature preserves and is surrounded by majestic oak trees on the south Austin edge of the Hill Country. With an on-site movie theater, hot tub and swimming pool and pet-friendly policies, the location caters to singles and families.

4. William Cannon Apartment Homes

William Cannon Apartment HomesWilliam Cannon Apartment Homes

Tucked into south Austin, William Cannon Apartment Homes is an apartment community that offers value and convenience. Right off of I-35, the one-, two- and three-bedroom units are spacious and comfortable.

This community is located minutes from the Onion Creek Soccer Complex and the Roy Kizer Golf Course. With a welcoming pet policy, swimming pool, fitness center and playground, this location gives residents the space they deserve at a price they can afford.

3. West Gate Ridge Apartment Homes

West Gate Ridge Apartment HomesWest Gate Ridge Apartment Homes

West Gate Ridge Apartment Homes is a modern, affordable apartment community in the heart of historic south Austin with access to restaurants and shopping, including the farmers market every weekend at Sunset Valley.

Offering one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments at an affordable price, this community combines green living with modern comforts, including a private pool, fitness center and business center.

2. Apex Modern Living

Apex Modern LivingApex Modern Living

Conveniently located in the heart of East Austin, Apex Modern Living is a quaint apartment community that offers spacious one- and two-bedroom floor plans.

Residents enjoy this community’s lounge area and cycle studio, as well as the access to downtown and the Mueller shopping area.

1. Heights on Parmer

Apex Modern LivingApex Modern Living

Heights on Parmer tops the list with a beautiful, new apartment community located off Highway 734 in north Austin, minutes from Copperfield and Oertli Parks.

Value and convenience meet in these spacious one-, two- and three-bedroom units with modern kitchens, private balconies and energy-efficient systems. Residents of Heights on Parmer enjoy numerous amenities, including a swimming pool, a fitness center and community events and are close to shopping and dining necessities.


We looked at all organic entries from April 2018 to April 2019 of rental property inventory listed on Apartment Guide to determine which properties with an Austin mailing address are most searched by people on the internet. The information included in this article is used for illustrative purposes only. The data contained herein do not constitute financial advice, availability or a pricing guarantee for any apartment.



What’s the Deal with the 4 Extra Zip Code Numbers?

In the age of emails, DMs and video calls, you might not be overly familiar with traditional mail, and you may not even know how to properly write out your address.

One of the most frequent errors in writing out an address relates to the zip code — particularly the four extra zip code numbers sometimes found at the end of your address. You may have seen these when receiving a package that was addressed automatically or you might have seen this zip code as a suggestion when ordering something online.

So, what exactly is the deal with those extra zip code numbers? We’ve got the answers.

What the traditional zip code means

When someone asks for your zip code, you probably reply with a string of five numbers. This is the norm for most people and has actually been the norm for the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) since the beginning.

When zip codes were first introduced in 1963, it was a part of an initiative to make mail delivery in the U.S. more efficient by dividing the country up into zones based on mail routes. Most frequently, your five digit zip code represents the destination of the post office your mail is sent to before being handed off to your mail carrier.

Each number of a zip code corresponds to a specific piece of information about the destination. The first number, between 0-9, denotes a geographic area of the U.S. The second two numbers of a zip code specify a specific region within that geographic area and the last two are meant to indicate a specific Post Office.

Some post offices service more than one zip code but, for much of the U.S., there’s a one-to-one ratio of post offices to zip codes. This is why you’re often required to go to a specific location to conduct business with the USPS.

Fun fact: Zip codes are based on region — codes begin at 0 in the east and move towards 9 on the west coast as you cross the U.S.

What the extra four numbers mean

The extra four numbers in your zip code were introduced two decades after the initial introduction of a zip code.

As infrastructure in the U.S. grew, the five digit zip codes system had to be replaced with something more precise. In 1983, a system was created to locate buildings more precisely. A standard zip code coupled with the four extra zip code numbers can now be used to designate specific streets, buildings, houses or businesses.

How important are the four extra zip code numbers?

For most uses, the standard five digit zip code will suffice without having to know the full nine digit zip code. There are some exceptions, however.

Some businesses are eligible to receive a bulk mailing rate at a discount. This mail is sorted separately from general-delivery mail and often takes a bit longer to arrive at its destination. But, for many businesses the discount is worth it. The USPS requires a full nine-digit zip code for mail sent at a discounted bulk rate.

Another time you may find yourself wanting to know your full nine digit zip code is when looking up congressional representatives based on your address. Knowing your full zip code is the only way to identify your specific government representatives in some districts.

Regardless, knowing your full zip code will ensure that your mail is delivered correctly more often. Most mail will arrive at its destination no-problem if you just use your standard five-digit zip code, but if you’re worried about nondelivery of a package, specifying the intended destination even further doesn’t hurt your chances.



8 Tips for Dealing with a Noisy Neighbor

Apartment living, by design, is communal.

It’s close quarters with people always around, in the hallways, in the vestibules, in the parking lot. And especially surrounding your apartment. There are often people on all sides, and with that, noise comes from all angles — above, below, next door and outside.

But the noise from upstairs is unique and can be especially grating. Hard footfalls, vacuums, vibrating bass tones from loud music, scurrying pets and treadmills. All coming through your ceiling and rattling your entire existence.

So, if you have a noisy neighbor upstairs, what is one to do?

1. Don’t do anything

Not every little noise coming from upstairs is reason for action. You need to pick your battles and decide which hills to die on. People are permitted to be (respectfully) noisy during the day and even into the evening.

If you can hear them, but it’s at a reasonable time or reasonably short or reasonably infrequent, you might want to just let it go.

2. Offer a subtle reminder

Remember Mr. Heckles on Friends? He lived downstairs from Rachel and Monica and banged on the ceiling with a broom handle every time he thought they were making too much noise.

Mr. Heckles was loud and crabby with his broom, but if you’re nice and gentle with it, a tap on the ceiling can be a subtle message to your neighbor that they’re being a bit overly noisy. A light tap will let them know you can hear them. Just be nice. Remember, Mr. Heckles died in the end while angrily banging on the ceiling.

3. Write a (nice) note

If noise persists and isn’t at a reasonable level or time, feel free to leave a note. But be aware, talking in person is always better. Notes can come across as passive-aggressive, even if you don’t mean to be. And there’s no follow up in real time.

But if you don’t feel you can talk to your neighbor and must write a note, keep it short and simple. Four or five sentences max, and try to be friendly, not funny, sarcastic or snarky. And don’t make threats. Instead, offer solutions. Be specific about what the noise is and when you heard it, and avoid explaining how you were bothered or annoyed.

If you really want to remain unidentified, you can post an anonymous note on a hallway bulletin board or by the mailboxes asking them to be quieter. Shame is not a solution, but it often works.

4. Talk peacefully face-to-face

The best of all solutions is talking to your neighbor face-to-face. Same as the rules above: be honest and straightforward, don’t be angry or make threats and stick to the facts. Ask nicely if they can watch the noise.

You can also offer compromises and suggestions. Try to come to an agreement to end loud music at 10 p.m. Request the treadmill be moved to a room other than the one over your bedroom. Or even offer to buy them a pair of slippers or a nice area rug to cut down on stomping noises.

5. Contact the landlord

If nothing so far has worked, it might be time to ask the landlord to step in. Email or write your landlord spelling out your complaint and everything you’ve done to solve it up to this point. If he or she takes your claim as reasonable, your landlord will most likely send a letter to your neighbor notifying them someone has submitted an anonymous complaint and they need to quiet down. They might even refer to a noise clause in the lease if one exists.

The danger in contacting the landlord is that your neighbor is pretty likely to guess who “tattled” on them. This may cause some tension between you and your neighbor, so be warned. But your rights to enjoy your apartment are as important as theirs.

That being said, you should try to exhaust other avenues before bringing in management. But it’s a fact of life that some people don’t feel comfortable confronting their neighbors in person, and that’s OK.

And if you are going to formally complain to your landlord, it’s probably a good idea to have documented the noise issue for a couple of weeks first and include that. Keep a list of all the times you felt noise was excessive, what the noise was, what time of day and any actions you took. Keep copies of any notes you left, as well.

6. Gather support from other tenants

If you’re annoyed by the noise coming from your neighbor, odds are others might be, as well. If alternative measures haven’t helped, talk to their fellow adjacent tenants and see if they have complaints, too.

Talking with your noisy neighbor with others that feel the same way might carry some weight, and your case to your landlord can be much stronger with a collectively-signed letter from multiple residents.

7. Call the cops (as a last resort)

Calling the cops is a complete last resort and should be avoided at all costs. Regardless of what the police do when they get there, no one is going to come out happy.

Contacting the police should be reserved for emergencies like out-of-control loud parties and suspected domestic abuse.

8. Take care of it yourself

If all else fails or if you want to be more proactive and in control, there are a ton of things you can do yourself (or with some help) in your apartment to improve your noise reduction.

  • Purchase a quality set of earplugs to block out the noise or nice headphones to drown out the intrusion with music. Noise-canceling models are a great solution, as well.
  • Set a white noise machine by your bedside to cover nighttime noise while soothing you to sleep. There are many free white noise phone apps you can check out.
  • Rearrange your furniture so the worst spots — where your neighbor hops off the bed or sets up his guitar amp — isn’t right over where you’re sitting or sleeping.
  • If the noise is loud in your bathroom and what you’re hearing is grossing you out, fill the bathroom with wall coverings, rugs and towels to dampen the unpleasant noise.
  • Investigate the sound’s source, and if it’s a small hole or crevice between apartments making it worse, fill it with some spackle or caulk.
  • Hang artsy “ceiling clouds” to reduce noise and echo.
  • Install acoustic light fixtures (like “BuzziLight”) that absorb sound.
  • Paint your ceiling with soundproof paint, a special thick paint type.
  • Ask your landlord to improve soundproofing and absorbing materials between your ceiling and your neighbor’s floor.
  • And as a last ditch effort, you can move into a new apartment on a top floor.

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Photo by Michael Henry on Unsplash



The Magical History of Disney World

Disney is arguably the most famous entertainment empire in the world. It’s most widely recognized for its many memorable motion pictures, innovative animation and captivating characters. The Disney brand is also synonymous with extravagant theme parks located around the globe.

Disney merchandising, its retail stores and even its affiliation with sports have cemented the company as a titan of business. Despite its immense popularity, many are unaware of the history behind the company responsible for creating “The Happiest Place on Earth”.

The early days of Disney

Disney was founded in the fall of 1923 in Los Angeles, CA, by brothers Walt and Roy Disney, with the distribution of the “Alice Comedies.” Known as the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio and later Walt Disney Studios, the small company saw Walt responsible for animation while Roy handled financing.

It was Walt who came up with the idea of an animated mouse that he originally thought to call Mortimer Mouse. The idea for a mouse named Mortimer evolved to Mickey and in 1928, Disney created not only the legendary Mickey Mouse but also Minnie Mouse, both of which were featured for the first time in the cartoon “Steam Boat Willie.”

More about the history of Disney World:

Disney and full-length films

“Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” was the company’s first full-length film. It was released in 1937, five years after Disney received an Academy Award in 1932 for a cartoon from a series of short films called “Silly Symphonies.”

“Snow White” was met with much critical acclaim. The film not only elevated Disney’s status, but also helped finance the purchase of land in Burbank for a new, state-of-the-art animation studio. The facility would later produce masterpieces, such as “Dumbo,” “Bambi” and “Fantasia.”

From 1942 to 1945, the government used Disney to produce World War II propaganda films for the Armed Forces, as well as the public. In the late 1940s, the company began to turn to live-action films on both the large and small screens, which resulted in the studio’s continued expansion and growth.

In 1950, Disney released “Treasure Island,” the company’s first complete live-action effort. On the small screen, viewers at home were introduced to “Walt Disney’s Disneyland” anthology television series in 1954 and “The Mickey Mouse Club” in 1955. The year 1955 turned out to be a momentous year for the company as it also opened its first theme park, the California-based Disneyland.

Vintage photographs of Disney parks:

The birth of Walt Disney World

walt disney world main street usawalt disney world main street usa

In 1966, Disney’s founder, Walt Disney, passed away, but not before making plans, and purchasing land, for Walt Disney World, a new vacation destination in Florida that would be both a theme park and resort. His brother Roy took over the supervision of the company until his death in 1971, which was also the year Walt Disney World opened.

An executive team oversaw the continued growth of the company, including the opening of the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow (EPCOT) in 1982 in Florida. This growth would also include more feature films, both animation and live-action, and the opening of theme parks across the globe.

The first of these overseas additions to the Disney family was in 1983 with the opening of Tokyo Disneyland. Disney was not without its difficulties during this time, including takeover attempts.

Biography of Walt Disney:

A year after the opening of Tokyo Disneyland, Michael D. Eisner was named chairman. Michael Eisner proved a positive move for the company’s growth with positive introductions to the company, including the Disney Channel and new movie divisions to attract more mature audiences, such as Touchstone Pictures.

After Eisner, Bob Iger became the new CEO of Disney in 2005. The following year, under Iger, Disney purchased Pixar Animation Studios. Courtesy of Pixar Animation, Disney would go on to release popular digital animation, such as “Toy Story” and “Finding Nemo,” which would lead to further awards. Disney added Marvel Entertainment to its roster in 2009.

Disney World turns Orlando into a tourist destination

As home to several Disney attractions, Orlando is considered a prime vacation destination. Located in central Florida with the nicknames “The City Beautiful” and the “Theme Park Capital of the World,” Orlando has much more than Disney attractions to offer those seeking entertainment.

These different types of entertainment cover a wide range of interests from educational to thrilling. Orlando is home to dozens of theme parks and the 400-foot Wheel at ICON Park that allows visitors to enjoy views of the area, including Cape Canaveral.

Educational attractions in or near Orlando include The Kennedy Space Center and the curiously constructed upside-down home of WonderWorks. Sea Life Aquarium Orlando combines both education and animals in one location for an up-close and often hands-on look at aquatic life that both children and adults can enjoy. Other attractions offer tours of the area including its cities, lakes and waterways.

More to do in Orlando:



Top Family-Friendly Activities in Salt Lake City

Keeping little ones entertained and stimulated on a daily basis can be a daunting task for parents. It’s hard to balance screen time with imagination and free time. And just like a hive of bees, kids are buzzing around, energized all the time.

But don’t fret! Salt Lake City offers a variety of family-friendly activities. No matter what the season, the Beehive State is full options that will entertain the entire family. Make a family bucket list and check each activity off, while making memories along the way. Here are the top 25 family-friendly activities in Salt Lake City.

Salt Lake City is full of family-friendly museums and attractions that’ll keep the kids occupied and entertained for hours. And what’s more, the kids (and parents) may learn some new facts and stats while out and about.

Whether you’re trying to escape the heat of summer or stay warm during the chillier days of summer, these activities are worth your while.

Animal Activities

Hogle ZooHogle Zoo

If your kids love animals, then you must check out these four animal exhibits scattered throughout the Wasatch Front.

Hogle Zoo

With more than 800 animals, Utah’s Hogle Zoo takes you on a trip around the world. From the Asian Highlands to the African Savannah, you’ll see and interact with different animals from around the globe.

Wheeler Farm

Full of playgrounds, trails and farm animals, Wheeler Farm is a great place to take the family for a fun-filled day. If you visit during the early months of spring, you’ll get to experience baby animal days and see the fluffy yellow chicks, young foals and newborn lambs.

Tracy Aviary

Like birds of a feather, your family can flock together to the Tracy Aviary located near Liberty Park. With a focus on birds specifically, your family can learn about the different species and how they impact the circle of life.

The Living Planet Aquarium

The Loveland Living Planet Aquarium is true underwater adventure and is home to more than 4,000 different species. With different exhibits meant to reflect different habitats around the world, you and the kids will enjoy learning about our vast ecosystem.


Natural History MuseumNatural History Museum

Source: NHMU/Tom Smart

There are multiple family-friendly activities in Salt Lake City and exploring museums is one of them. Next time you’re looking for something to do, check out one of these local museums.

Discovery Gateway

Full of hands-on exhibits, Discovery Gateway is a great place to take younger children for the day. This museum lets guests “do” instead of just “see.” All exhibits are hands-on and allow the children to explore with their five senses.

Clark Planetarium

The downtown Clark Planetarium is a science museum that’ll entertain both left and right-brained people. Whether you’re looking to watch an IMAX or learn about earthquakes and seismic activity, you’ll learn it all in a fun way.

Museum of Natural Curiosity

Located about 30 minutes outside of downtown Salt Lake, the Museum of Natural Curiosity is a great place to take kids and let them burn off some steam. Each exhibit is interactive and allows the kids to learn by engaging with it.

Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum beautifully displays Utah’s history. One of the most notable exhibits is the dinosaur exhibit. Families can learn Utah’s prehistoric story and see dinosaur skeletons on a life-size display. This museum does a great job making learning fun.


This is the PlaceThis is the Place

Settled by the Mormon Pioneers, Utah has a rich history and the valley is full of historic landmarks. No matter your background or beliefs, it’s interesting to visit each historic landmark and appreciate the story of Utah’s birth.

This Is The Place

Visiting This Is The Place park will take you back in time to the location where our city was founded. Take a horseback tour or explore the old blacksmith shop and you’ll leave with a great appreciation and understanding of Utah’s heritage.

Utah State Capitol

Each state has a unique capitol building, and Salt Lake’s won’t disappoint. The views from the capitol are stunning, and if you visit the building during the spring, you’ll be awed by the pink cherry blossoms. Learn a little bit more about Utah’s government all while taking in gorgeous city views.

Temple Square

Historic Temple Square offers stunning architectural feats and beautiful gardens. Meander through the square, learn more about Utah history and continue on to City Creek mall for lunch and a dip in the splash pads.



Source: Lagoon

Kids of all ages will enjoy these family-friendly attractions and games.


If you’re looking for your classic amusement park complete with roller coasters, Ferris wheels and swings, then Lagoon is the place for you. Open during the summer through Halloween, Lagoon is a family-friendly attraction that has rides for toddlers and adults alike. You can also enjoy the water park Lagoon-A-Beach and have fun sliding down water slides and rides.

Dave and Buster’s

Sometimes, winning tickets for arcade prizes is just what’s needed for a fun day. Dave and Buster’s, located at The Gateway in downtown Salt Lake, has food, arcade games and prizes. No matter your age, skee ball is bound to make your day more fun.

Hale Centre Theatre

Hale Centre Theatre produces family-friendly plays year-round. If you’re looking for a cultural event that’ll educate and entertain your kiddos, then this local theater will not disappoint.

Sporting events

Utah Jazz arena aerialsUtah Jazz arena aerials

There’s nothing quite like hot dogs, cotton candy and popcorn at a ball game. And Salt Lake is home to a few professional sports teams. If you’re looking for a family-friendly activity, consider taking the crew to cheer on our local teams.

Utah Jazz

Attending a Jazz game is an essential bucket-list item if you live in Salt Lake. Cheer on the basketball team as they slam dunk their way to a victory.

Real Salt Lake

If you’re here for RSL, then you won’t be disappointed. The Real Salt Lake soccer team promises a night of fun for the entire family.

Utah Grizzlies

Like hockey? Then you definitely don’t want to miss the Utah Grizzlies in a hockey match.

Salt Lake Bees

Nothing quite says summer like an evening at a baseball game. Take the family out to a ball game, ride the train around the sandlot and watch the Bees score a home run this summer season.

Outdoor activities

Big Cottonwood CanyonBig Cottonwood Canyon

Sometimes, you just need to get outside, enjoy the fresh air and explore nature. Salt Lake is surrounded by national parks, world-renowned ski resorts and hiking trails, and lush green parks and walkways.

Whether you’re feeding the ducks or hiking along trails, there’s always something to do outside in Salt Lake. Here are the best parks and outdoor activities to enjoy with the entire family.

Sugarhouse Park

Walk the three-mile loop, pack a picnic, play on the playground or feed the ducks at this local park.

Liberty Park

Liberty Park offers a variety of activities for the whole family. From tennis courts and carnival rides to walking trails and sprawling, grassy areas, it’s fun to spend the entire day outside at this local park.


If you’re looking for great hiking trails that are easy for the family with stunning views, look no further than Big Cottonwood Canyon, Little Cottonwood Canyon or Millcreek Canyon. All within 30 minutes from downtown Salt Lake, you’ll be able to escape the busy city and enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery.

Have some fun in the SLC

All of these activities can be fun for kids of any age. With so many family-friendly activities in Salt Lake City, it’s hard to prioritize your list and decide which ones to do first. Slowly make your way down the list and you’ll explore the entire city and know it like the back of your hand.



10 Cities Near Los Angeles Where You Should Live

Finding a nice, livable, dependable, safe apartment in or near Los Angeles isn’t cheap. A one-bedroom in Hollywood averages $3,082 per month, while the same apartment in Santa Monica averages $4,018. That’s a lot of money for the most basic of one-bedrooms. Most young renters in those cities either budget a disproportionate chunk of their salary towards rent or they sublet the corners of their living rooms.

Luckily, there are some towns near Downtown Los Angeles (DTLA) with their own unique charm located close enough so a trip to the Staples Center only takes you an hour by car or public transport, yet their distance from Downtown proper keeps their average rent relatively low.

Before you commit to a DTLA apartment way out of your budget, consider these 10 cities.

Long BeachLong Beach

  • Average monthly rent: $2,342
  • Distance from DTLA: Approximately 31 miles south

Long Beach is kind of like a condensed version of Los Angeles. Like L.A., Long Beach has an interesting downtown, groomed suburbs, an arts district and on top of all that, it has, of course, a beach.

The city is fun, liberal and filled with vitality, but rent has steadily gone up the last 10 years due to lots of fancy development. On the plus side, Long Beach has easy access to DTLA when you want to make the trip — it’s a straight shot up the 710 or the Blue Line.


  • Average monthly rent: $1,705
  • Distance from DTLA: Approximately 32 miles southeast

Fullerton is unique in that it’s a quiet suburb while somehow still maintaining the characteristics of a cool, small college town. While Fullerton has some great K-12 schools, sleepy cul-de-sacs and lush parks, it’s also currently enjoying a cultural resurgence made up of new nightlife, record labels and artists.

Apartments around the colleges can get a little “Animal House”-ish at times, but if you can find anything close to the intersection of Harbor Blvd. and Commonwealth, you’re in the heart of the city.

Orange CAOrange CA

  • Average monthly rent: $2,039
  • Distance from DTLA: Approximately 36 miles southeast

Fans of vintage Americana aesthetics will appreciate renting in Orange. Old craftsman homes and small-unit rentals make up most of the neighborhoods around the traffic circle, an antique district that looks like it hasn’t changed much since the ’50s. (Tom Hanks filmed “That Thing You Do” all over Old Towne.)

Orange also benefits from being off the 5 freeway so Downtown Los Angeles is always about 45 minutes away.

Rancho Palos VerdesRancho Palos Verdes

  • Average monthly rent: $2,389
  • Distance from DTLA: Approximately 36 miles south

Rancho Palos Verdes is an odd town. The city never gets talked about much because it’s sort of isolated on top of the bluffs of the peninsula. You don’t just drive through Rancho Palos Verdes, you have to go out of your way to get to it.

The ocean views are the reason why RPV is the most expensive city on this list, but even $2,389 is a small fraction compared to apartments with identical views in Venice or Santa Monica.

Huntington BeachHuntington Beach

  • Average monthly rent: $2,099
  • Distance from DTLA: Approximately 45 miles south

Huntington Beach is a long, sprawling city, which means it might take you up to 20 minutes to get to the nearest freeway depending on how close you live to the ocean. It’s not a town for the impatient. But as far as beach cities go, you could do worse than HB.

There seem to be as many apartment complexes as there are single-family homes, especially near the Pacific Coast Highway. Just make sure you move into a building with a parking structure. Parking anywhere within a mile of Main Street is torturous.

La VerneLa Verne

  • Average monthly rent: $1,687
  • Distance from DTLA: Approximately 36 miles east

We’re going to lump Claremont together with La Verne. The small, hipster college towns border each other, and their neighborhoods share the same mid-’60s aesthetics. The cities are only about 45 minutes and one freeway away from DTLA, but they might as well be in different time zones.

Both communities are filled with sleepy streets lined with massive oak trees and lush, green lawns — nothing like Los Angeles proper, but it’s a nice alternative.


  • Average monthly rent: $1,986
  • Distance from DTLA: Approximately 30 miles east

It’s easy to forget about Glendora. It’s a quiet town wedged between the 210 and the Angeles National Forest. It’s a solid upper-middle-class neighborhood and not much has changed since the ’80s. You’ll find no 5-star sushi or acclaimed art galleries here. (If that’s what you’re looking for, the Metro Gold Line will take you from APU to Little Tokyo’s Arts District in 45 minutes.)

Instead, you’ll get a quiet, unassuming town where the biggest amount of activity comes from its private, evangelical Christian university.

Santa AnaSanta Ana

  • Average monthly rent: $1,887
  • Distance from DTLA: Approximately 34 miles east

Living in Santa Ana is tricky. On one side of the street, you could be living in an apartment where you have to look out the window every 30 minutes to make sure your car is still parked where you left it.

On the other side of the street, you could be living in a cool loft in Santa Ana’s burgeoning Santiago Art District. Do your research if you’re thinking about renting here, but if you stay in the Historic District, you’ll be fine.

Costa MesaCosta Mesa

  • Average monthly rent: $2,024
  • Distance from DTLA: Approximately 41 miles south

Costa Mesa is another fairly unassuming town. It has the Orange County Fairgrounds and even though it’s not on the ocean, it feels like a beach town and the apartments reflect that.

You’re going to find a lot of nautically-themed rental complexes here, and it’s quaint enough, but if you can, stay south of 17th Street. (Bonus: Los Angeles is one freeway away up the 405.)


  • Average monthly rent: $1,363
  • Distance from DTLA: Approximately 34 miles east

Pomona is the diamond in the rough on this list, and it’s sort of had that reputation for the last 20 years now. The city can be a bit on the fringy side, but its DIY arts and antique districts have quietly given Pomona underground street cred since the early ’90s.

If you romanticize Downtown Los Angeles during the late ’70s, you can still find that adventurous vibe in Pomona.

The current rent information included in this article is based on July 2019 multifamily rental property inventory on and and is used for illustrative purposes only. The data contained herein does not constitute financial advice or a pricing guarantee for any apartment.



The 25 Most Popular Apartments in Orlando

Did you know Orlando means “famous throughout the land?” It’s definitely one of the most famous cities in Florida and centers around a bustling metropolis and beautiful neighborhoods that more than 280,000 residents call home.

Whether you’re looking to live near great schools or want to find a dog-friendly neighborhood where you walk to everything, there’s an Orlando neighborhood for you. To help you find your ideal home, we’ve created a list of the top 25 most popular Orlando apartments based on internet searches to help make your decision a bit easier.

25. Goldelm at Metro West

Goldelm at Metro WestGoldelm at Metro West

Goldelm at MetroWest is a luxury community featuring one- and two-bedroom apartments minutes from Universal Studios, SeaWorld and downtown Orlando. Units come with hardwood flooring, air conditioning and a balcony.

Residents can also enjoy the fitness center, clubhouse, picnic area, car wash area, kid’s zone and resident activities program, as well as ample shopping and dining options nearby.

24. The Grand Reserve At Kirkman Parke

The Grand Reserve At Kirkman ParkeThe Grand Reserve At Kirkman Parke

The Grand Reserve At Kirkman Parke is in the heart of the MetroWest area between Eagle Nest Park and Turkey Lake. The resort-style community features one to four bedrooms in a variety of floor plans. The spacious accommodations include oversized closets, vaulted ceilings, in-unit washers and dryers and private patios.

Residents can also enjoy a cinema room, baby room, car care center, fitness center and swimming pool. The community is also just off LB McLeod Road, so residents have quick access to lots of dining and entertainment options.

23. Post Lake at Baldwin Park

Post Lake at Baldwin ParkPost Lake at Baldwin Park

Post Lake at Baldwin Park is located near the Orlando Fashion Square Mall and Winter Park’s Park Ave. The complex features luxury lofts, townhomes and apartments in one- to three-bedroom floor plans. Spaces come with large closets, vaulted ceilings and private balconies.

Post Lake at Baldwin Park is pet-friendly and includes access to an onsite fitness center, three pools and business center. Residents can even enjoy a vegetable garden, a recycling center and 450 acres of nearby parks.

22. City West

City WestCity West

City West offers newly renovated lofts, one- and two-bedroom spaces just minutes from downtown. The gated community includes tennis courts, a swimming pool and a fitness center.

And City West is close to just about everything, such as Universal Studios Orlando, Walt Disney World and Valencia College, as well as shopping and dining options. Commuting is also easy with public transportation, I-4 and I-408 nearby.

21. Enclave at Lake Ellenor

Enclave at Lake EllenorEnclave at Lake Ellenor

Enclave at Lake Ellenor features open-concept one- to three-bedroom floor plans with skylights, 20-foot vaulted ceilings and lanais. The community, located south of downtown Orlando, includes a fitness center, business center, extra storage, a pet park and 24-hour security system. Plus, it borders the shores of Lake Ellenor, giving residents water views.

Enclave at Lake Ellenor is also close to the Florida Turnpike and is near Walt Disney World, Universal Studios Orlando, The Florida Mall and Mall at Millenia.

20. The Grove Apartments

The GroveThe Grove

The Grove Apartments is a pet-friendly community off Highway 15 near Dixie Belle and Wadeview Park neighborhoods. It offers residents studio, one-bedroom, two-bedroom and three-bedroom layouts. Accommodations include air conditioning, a balcony, a garden tub, vaulted ceilings, washer and dryer in unit, hardwood flooring and stunning views. Flexible lease terms are also available.

Residents can enjoy hiking, biking and jogging along nearby trails, as well as have access to a swimming pool, clubhouse, business center, media center and recreation room.

19. The Paramount

The ParamountThe Paramount

The Paramount is located on Lake Eola with quick access to I-4 and Highway 408. The tower building features various one- to four-bedroom floor plans with stainless steel appliances, large closet spaces and an in-unit washer and dryer.

Residents have access to ample amenities, including an on-site grocery store, a heated swimming pool with cabanas and fitness center. Lake Eola Park is just steps away, offering lush green spaces for picnics, bike rides and lakeside walks.

18. 55 West

55 West55 West

55 West provides contemporary living in studio, one-, two- and three-bedroom units. This apartment tower is located in downtown Orlando with quick access to I-4 and Highway 408.

The luxury building features a rooftop swimming pool, sundeck and a state-of-the-art fitness center. And its central location means dining, nightlife and shopping are all within walking distance.

17. Zen Luxury Living Apartments

Zen Luxury Living ApartmentsZen Luxury Living Apartments

Zen Luxury Living Apartments is situated between Walt Disney World and Sea World Orlando off the I-4. It offers one-, two- and three-bedroom spaces in a pet-friendly community.

Amenities include a 10,000-square-foot clubhouse, a resort style pool, outdoor fire pit with seating areas, lounge and game room for residents to enjoy.

16. River Park Apartments

River Park ApartmentsRiver Park Apartments

River Park Apartments features modern one- to three-bedroom units near the University of Central Florida (UCF). With a private entrance to Blanchard Park, River Park provides residents with access to lush greenery and a large conservation area.

On grounds, there are two clubhouses, a fitness center and a washing area for pets. Short-term leasing is also available.

15. Linden Audubon Park

Linden Audubon Park ApartmentsLinden Audubon Park Apartments

Linden Audubon Park offers spacious one, two and three bedrooms in a variety of floor plans on 19 acres of lush greenery. The units are pet friendly and include spa bathrooms and energy-efficient appliances.

On property, residents have access to a fitness center, a swimming pool and a sundeck. Lake Baldwin and Lake Druid Park are nearby, as well as plenty of shopping, dining and entertainment.

14. The Park at Catania

The Park at CataniaThe Park at Catania

The Park at Catania has one- to three-bedroom newly renovated units with granite countertops and in-unit washer and dryers.

The complex features a dog park, playground, fitness center, tennis court and business room. The gated community is off Highway 435 near Valencia College’s West Campus, so it is ideal for students.

13. Maitland Oaks

Maitland OaksMaitland Oaks

Maitland Oaks is a family-friendly community in a natural wooded setting in the Lake Maitland neighborhood. The community features one- and two-bedroom garden-style apartments and single-story villas with ample storage and a private balcony or patio.

The complex has a playground, pool, community center and computer lab. It’s also minutes away from the Altamonte Mall.

12. Hidden Cove Apartments

Hidden Cove ApartmentsHidden Cove Apartments

Hidden Cove Apartments features affordable one- and two-bedroom apartments with tile floors and fully equipped kitchens just next to Lake Tyler.

Residents can enjoy lake views from the community’s gazebo or spend time at the computer lab, swimming pool or picnic and playground areas. It’s also walking distance to OBT Flea Market where residents can look for unique jewelry, furniture and other goods.

11. West Winds

West WindsWest Winds

West Winds features one- and two-bedroom apartments within walking distance from Universal Studios Orlando and is minutes from Mall at Millenia. The pet-friendly spaces come in a variety of floor plans and include a full kitchen and a breakfast bar.

Residents can also take advantage of valet parking, basketball and tennis courts, a clubhouse, large pool and hot tub.

10. Forest Edge

Forest EdgeForest Edge

Forest Edge is an affordable, family-friendly community that offers two- and three-bedroom apartments and features a playground and free resident activities centered around families and children.

Situated on Forest City Road, residents are near shopping and dining options, including a spa, Walgreens and two Dollar General stores. The LYNX City Bus Line on Forest City Road and Villa Drive is also a short walk away, making it easy to get around town.

9. Hollowbrook


Located in the Dover Shores area, Hollowbrook is conveniently located between highways 408 and 552, giving residents easy access to downtown and the Orlando International Airport.

The pet-friendly community features one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments with all utilities included. Amenities include a playground, an Olympic-sized pool and fitness center.

8. Pineview Apartments

Pineview ApartmentsPineview Apartments

Pineview Apartments is a single-story community that offers studio and one-bedroom spaces minutes from downtown Orlando. Each unit has been recently renovated and features new flooring and fenced patios.

There’s a laundry room on site and pets are welcome. Additionally, Pineview’s prime location near I-4 and State Road 50 provides quick access to shopping, dining and activities.

7. Boardwalk at Alafaya Trail

Boardwalk at Alafaya TrailBoardwalk at Alafaya Trail

Boardwalk at Alafaya is student housing near the University of Central Florida (UCF). The community features four-bedroom spaces with individually-leased bedrooms. The Boardwalk at Alafaya also includes all utilities in the rental prices.

The apartments feature a dishwasher, alarm, refrigerator, ceiling fans, are cable ready and can come furnished. Students can also enjoy a pool, business center, basketball courts and a clubhouse.

6. Landon House Lake Nona

Landon House Lake NonaLandon House Lake Nona

Landon House Lake Nona features 280 units that come in studio to three-bedroom floor plans. Residents can enjoy modern, environmentally-conscious designs with 10-foot ceilings, private balconies and stainless steel appliances.

Landon House also offers a clubhouse, game room, a pet spa with grooming area, a resort-style pool and relaxation garden. Located in Lake Nona, the community is near Lake Nona Medical City, home to UCF College of Medicine.

5. Millenia West

Millenia WestMillenia West

Millenia West is a large community in the Millenia area located near the large Mall at Millenia. The pet-friendly complex offers studio, one-, two- and three-bedroom spaces and features a clubhouse, breakfast and coffee concierge and ample storage space.

Residents also are just minutes away from the Orlando International Airport and I-4.

4. District on Baldwin Park

District on Baldwin ParkDistrict on Baldwin Park

District on Baldwin Park is near Lake Baldwin and features studios through three-bedroom apartments and townhomes with modern designs, private patios and in-unit washer and dryers.

The community is pet-friendly with resort-style amenities, including three pools, an internet café and a clubhouse. The District on Baldwin Park is also minutes away from ample shopping and dining options, including a Walmart across the street.

3. Boca Club Apartments

Boca ClubBoca Club

Boca Club Apartments offers one- to three-bedroom apartments in a family-friendly community. The affordable complex is located just off I-4 between Lake Mann and Lake Sunset and is minutes from Camping World Stadium.

Amenities here include a business center, a playground, a clubhouse and a swimming pool.

2. Island Club

island clubisland club

Island Club is a large pet-friendly community located across from Valencia College. Residents can choose from a variety of one-, two- and three-bedroom floor plans with spacious living rooms, vaulted ceilings, oversized closets and in-unit washer and dryers.

The community, which includes a tennis court, swimming pool, racquetball courts, playground and cyber café, is also close to Central Florida Research Park, Patrick Air Force Base and plenty of dining and shopping options.

1. Seminole Ridge

Seminole RidgeSeminole Ridge

Seminole Ridge is located in Hiawassee and offers two- to four-bedroom units available. The pet-friendly apartments feature walk-in closets and in-unit washers and dryers.

Residents can also take advantage of the sundeck, business center, a pool and basketball and volleyball courts. Ample dining and shopping options, plus Lake Lucy and Lake Stanley, are a short drive away.


We took a look at all of the organic entrances from April 2018 to April 2019 to rental property inventory that was listed on to see which properties with an Orlando mailing address are most searched by people on the internet. The information included in this article is to be used for illustrative purposes only. The data contained does not constitute availability, financial advice or a pricing guarantee for any apartment.