U.S. Bank Adds Cashback Offers Section for Debit/Credit Cards (Like Chase Offers)

U.S. Bank has quietly launched an ‘offers’ section with cash back on purchases at select retailers, similar to what we see from Chase Offers and Bank Amerideals. It shares the same back end as the other banks with Cardlytics running the program, and the offers all look familiar from those we see with other banks.

Presumably the offer is linked to all of your cards, debit and credit, and whichever one you use will use up the offer. (Chase Offers works different with each offer being linked to a specific card, but with US Bank it’s not clear which card is linked, and I assume it’s like Bank Amerideals where you just get it once across all of your credit and debit cards.)

We’ve added this to our post What Credit Card Offer Portals Share The Same Back End?

Hat tip to my friend Jamie

Source: doctorofcredit.com